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LOVE+FEAR is an album set split into two eight-song collections and lands as MARINA''S fourth full-length record since she released her critically-acclaimed third album, FROOT, in 2015. LOVE+FEAR are both lush, vibrant and powerful representations of the two main emotional driving forces behind human responses. LOVE is filled with a longing to enjoy life and a desire to unite and empower, while FEAR sees MARINA delve into matters of purpose and insecurity, also touching on conversations surrounding gender inequality and more broadly, the abuse of power. LOVE+FEAR are declamations that showcase these polarising sides of human nature.

MARINA spent the last two years writing and recording the new record across London, Sweden and LA with esteemed names including Noonie Bao, Sam De Jong, Oscar Görres, Camille Purcell, Justin Parker and Joe Janiak. LOVE +FEAR will be released via Atlantic Records on April 26th.

Track Listings

1 Handmade Heaven
2 Superstar
3 Orange Trees
4 Baby (feat. MARINA & Luis Fonsi) - By Clean Bandit
5 Enjoy Your Life
6 True
7 To Be Human
8 End of the Earth
9 Believe in Love
10 Life Is Strange
11 You
12 Karma
13 Emotional Machine
14 Too Afraid
15 No More Suckers
16 Soft to Be Strong

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