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Grandma's wholesale outlet online sale Christmas Wish online sale

Grandma's wholesale outlet online sale Christmas Wish online sale
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Product Description

Winner of 2019 National Parenting Product Award! There is nothing like a grandmother''s love. This sweet story celebrates the special bond between grandma and grandchild at Christmas time. With a bedtime-friendly singsong rhythm and adorable holiday illustrations, this books is sure to charm children and grandmothers alike!

From School Library Journal

Toddler-PreS—Like the author''s previous Grandma Loves You (Sleeping Bear, 2013), this picture book is a love letter from a grandmother rabbit to her young bunny grandchild. Simple rhyming text ("You fill up my heart/with holiday cheer./I love you, my love,/my snowflake, my dear") addressed to the bunny imagines the joys in store at Christmas, from stockings to presents to plenty of hugs and kisses. While the text is only peripherally about the holiday, the full-spread paintings depict a cozy burrow with a Christmas tree, handmade ornaments, and presents; outside glitters a snow-covered landscape. On every page, the rabbits hug, snuggle, play, and gaze into each other''s eyes—the grandma/grandchild love is clear. VERDICT Due to the space at the back to write a letter to one''s grandchild and paste a photo, this title would work better as a gift book than in a library setting.—Eva Mitnick, Los Angeles Public Library


By Terri Schlichenmeyer
" It came as a complete surprise to you.
You had no idea, not a clue, but it made you happy anyway. You didn''t even know it was possible, but there it was: Santa visits Grandma''s house, too. There are always gifts waiting for you at Grandma''s, and in the new book "Grandma''s Christmas Wish" by Helen Foster James, illustrated by Petra Brown, you''ll see what they might be.
Grandma loves you.
That''s important to know. She loves you every day, especially at Christmas because you''re her "Jingle Bells Baby." She likes spending the holidays with you, hanging stockings and decorating the tree. She likes to play in the snow, catch you when you slide and watch you open your gifts.
So will Grandma give you presents?
Yes! For sure, snuggles and kisses. Mistletoe and bedtime stories, memories, happiness and everything a kid like you needs at Christmas and beyond. And she gives you the wish of a good Christmas this year and forever.
But do you know what Grandma wants for Christmas? It''s not a ball or a doll or a new dress. You don''t have to wrap up candy or perfume. No teddy bears or tricycles. What Grandma wants is easier to find, and she won''t be taking it back to the store. No, what Grandma wants are "some hugs and kisses from you..." That''ll make her smile -- but you''ll never guess what''s Grandma''s best present of all.
Yep, it''s YOU! You make Grandma happy and -- should we say it again? She loves you very much. As much as a Christmas star. Even more than snowflakes, and 10 times more than anything you could put in a box. You are her "twinkle of light" and her "candy cane kiss." For Grandma, there''s nothing under the tree that''s better than the gift of you!
Certainly, 32 pages of story doesn''t seem like a good gift, does it? Especially when you consider that the words in "Grandma''s Christmas Wish" are few. But what you don''t know is that there''s so much more to this adorable little book.
The smallest people on your gift list, first of all, are going to love this charming story of a little bunny and his relationship with his grandmother. The author uses a sweet rhyme to get the point across, and the artwork is so irresistible that you''ll want to reach inside this book and hug the illustrations.
The hidden goodness in this book is that, once you''ve read it to your little snowflake, it becomes a keepsake thanks to the lined-and-ready page at the back, perfect for writing a note to your own beloved grandchild. There''s even ample room to attach a picture you can enjoy during next years'' holiday read-a-thon.
Just imagine the tradition that''ll make.
I believe there are two distinct beneficiaries to a gift like this: the 2- to 5-year-old who''ll unwrap and treasure it, and the grandma who''ll personalize and give it. For both, "Grandma''s Christmas Wish" is the perfect holiday surprise." 
-- Terri Schlichenmeyer''s reviews of books for children weekly.

"A gray grandma bunny expresses her love for her little bunny grandbaby in this sweetly sentimental sequel to Grandma Loves You! (2013).
The short, gracefully rhyming text is written in first person from the grandma''s point of view, stating her love for her grandchild in different ways. Her Christmas wish is for nothing more than hugs and kisses from the little bunny, and of course the best Christmas present for a grandparent is the great gift of the grandchild''s mere existence. In the pictures, the kindhearted grandma helps the bunny put a star on the top of their tree, plays outside with the little one in the snow, and gives her grandchild a Christmas gift of a doll made from a pine cone and twigs. The text is playful and succinct, conveying emotion with just a few well-chosen words that will stand up to inevitable multiple rereadings. Soft-focus, detailed illustrations are filled with light in the rabbits'' cozy burrow and in snowy outdoor scenes with falling snowflakes or bright moonlight. The rabbits are utterly charming, with emotionally appealing faces expressing their joy in being together and their loving relationship. Concluding pages include space for a letter from grandmother to grandchild as well as a photo, which makes this more suitable for a gift purchase than for libraries.  
Perhaps a little too sweet in tone for some, but most grandmas would love to read this to a grandchild. (Picture book. 2-4)"

About the Author

Helen Foster James has been an educator for more than twenty years, and is now a lecturer at San Diego State University. She received her doctorate from Northern Arizona University. One of her goals is to travel to all 50 states, and she has already visited more than half. She lives in San Diego, California, with big stacks of children’s books and her husband Bob.

Petra Brown''s work includes the popular Loves You! series and the soon-to-be-released Bevan. She lives in Wales, United Kingdom.

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